CEO Tabya Tabuica

Quality, Passion and Professional

Safety and Quality Rewards

Tabya Lashes, for a 100% safe and quality procedure! The secret of a true Lash & Brow Artist lies in the products he/she uses! They must be 100% quality, to offer safety and trust to the specialist!

Attention to details

We represent a brand whose values revolve around attention to detail, superior quality and passion for perfection, setting new standards for professional products for the application / maintenance of eyelash extensions, lamination and eyebrow styling. Behind the success of TabyaLashes products are dozens of researchers and the best chemists, so we are constantly developing formulas and new technologies.

Tabya Beauty Brand Founder:

“I have been a Lash Artist for over 10 years and with experience I have started to feel more and more the influence of products on my works. The need for quality professional products has always existed, but who would be the most skilled in this "chemistry", if not a lash artist "hard" and experienced in the beauty industry.

With the advent of different volume and styling techniques comes the need for innovation. At Tabya Lashes, innovation is the key word. Together with the diversified and high quality products, I launch new services, techniques and dozens of courses through which I urge specialists to evolve, progress and improve. Our products are triple tested by the entire Lash & Brow Artists team of Tabya Beauty salon. It is a real driver of professional trends and products in Europe and beyond. "

Top Lash Brand 2019

Tabya Lashes is the top choice of industry specialists, both in Romania and in France, Italy, Germany, England, Greece, Spain. This map is expanding through our Distributors and Brand Lash Masters ”. Because beauty has no limits, our store dedicated to eyelashes and eyebrows is the largest in SE Europe and today distributes over 5 specialized brands: Neicha, Oclair, Beauty Wave, Brona, Tabya.

To complete the beauty at home and in beauty salons, we have launched a new line dedicated to skin care, so we are proud of the most sought after cosmetic brands in South Korea: Laenita, Vivir, LaFoi.

Lash Top Stylists

Starting from the technical side, we realized the overwhelming importance of the products used to get some outstanding work. Over 50% of the result of the works is due to the quality of the products we use.

Tabya Lashes products guarantee 100% satisfaction for the lash stylist during the procedure and for the final client. A satisfied customer will become a loyal customer, who deserves to be spoiled with the best existing professional products. Tabya Lashes products are sufficiently diversified and efficient for the stylist who tends towards the perfection of his work, representing the ideal tools for Top Lash Stylists!

The stylists who choose Tabya Lashes they will be the best specialists and will be able to be trained in the courses that Tabya Lash Academy holds every month. In addition, they will be guaranteed protected and supported by the brand in order to have fair prices and to develop individually in the field of Lash Making.



Tabya Tabuica is a Lash Artist and Trainer, with over 10 years of experience in the field of lashmaking; The founder of the first Salon and of the Academy specialized in the gene extension industry in Romania 2013. And from 2020 he is the President of the Gene Stylization Commission in P.A.D.I.R.


The Tabya Brand and the Trainers of the Academy have so far obtained over 78 trophies and awards of excellence at competitions and conferences and international in Spain, Greece, Italy, England, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Austria, Switzerland, USA, France, Romania.


The Tabya Beauty Brand is concerned with the evolution of specialists, so it offers specialized Beauty Marketing and Couch courses. Over 897 students managed to build their own businesses and implement in practice all the tools offered by Tabya Tabuica.


We are the organizers of the 2 largest conferences in Europe dedicated to Lash & Brow specialists: Top Lash Camp and Top Lash Awards. And in 2019 the conference reached a world record of 32 speakers. We actively participate in Beauty exhibitions, Championships and Conferences. We sponsor dozens of events annually.


The most technical resistance in the world was learned by Tabya Tabuica: Twin Lash Volume 4-18D. This method conquered Romania and Europe through the 5 special techniques. All courses of the Academy are unique, with a complex program dedicated to both beginner stylists and those who want to become Trainers or Speakers. Tabya Academy won the Top Lash Academy 2019 award by voting for stylists in the eyelash extension industry